Welcome to EnPi, a financial economics consulting firm specializing in foreign exchange hedging and designing business models.

Our proprietary methodology helps our clients set up a hedging program that closely matches their underlying business exposure.  We analyze our clients’ business models and sales/procurement processes, evaluate the current hedging program, develop trading strategies that offsets the exposures and then train our clients’ management and teams to execute the strategy.  The typical engagement is designed to last 3 weeks.  The service is a turnkey solution to a world class hedging program with a noticeable impact to the P&L.

We design business models for new technologies.  What’s the most efficient way to monetize a new technology?  A technology solves a business problem but has its own economics that must be recognized in creating a suitable business model.  Simply marking up the cost of the system is often not the most efficient – as can be famously seen in HP’s inkjet printers being re-engineered to follow Gilette’s razor-and-razor-blade model.  We use a methodology based on Nobel laureate Robert Merton’s 6 Functions of the Financial Market so that the business model is coherent from multiple angles and scales.